Thursday, June 28, 2007

Progress in Poland

Yesterday the rehearsal went much better. Agata unleashed her fury and everyone got into line. It is difficult without a couple of extra "rehearsal directors" to keep everyone organized, working, and engaged! But today the dancers had more movement to work with, as we have finally developed the basic structure of the piece. We tried the crocheted masks for the first time as well, to give them a chance to know what it feels like to have their faces covered. It looked amazing. We also found out we have a 15-piece teen band who will be playing for us. It is going to be an adventure. . .
We have been spending a lot of time with the performers from Sudan. They are very interested in Agata's crocheting, saying that it is also a traditional African art. Yesterday one woman braided Agata's hair as Agata crocheted, and pretty soon everyone was involved. (The pictures are not uploading propersly so when there is more time I will redo them . . .)

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