Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Santa Fe Arts Institute, September 2007

Patty Rosenblatt and I are installed in the Santa Fe Arts Institute in Santa Fe, New Mexico. There are 10 artists-in-residence here, three novelists, a photographer, and four visual artists using various media. It's a beautiful space, and as a duo requiring a sink, we have a large studio with tons of light. For the moment we are working mostly side-by-side, and I'm learning about clay by watching Patty's process; we're getting ideas that we can later transfer to a larger scale, but that of course brings a new set of problems in terms of weight and structural integrity of the clay. To that end, Patty was able to secure a donation from 3M of microbubbles - microscopic glass spheres that look like a fine white powder and get added to clay - the resulting clay can be as light as meringue. Patty is experimenting with different proportions - I'm mixing up clay powder, water, and bubbles with my feet to get a feel for the materials. One interesting side-effect is the drying of some of these materials on the skin - almost reptilian.

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