Friday, September 21, 2007

Open Studios

Yesterday SFAI held open studios to show what the current artists-in-residence are working on. Patty and I are at pretty early stages, having only just finished the prep of all the clay we're working with, but had a few things to show. Patty created a small-scale model of a set/landscape concept to play with. We also began building a large-scale structure, and created a clay sheet for me to explore during the open studios, so that the visitors could see what meant, talking about re: movement and clay. We all experimented on this one together, as I hadn't had a chance to try that particular idea yet. I planned to crawl under it to try to move beneath the surface, then break through, manipulating it almost like clothing; in fact it ripped too easily, so it eluded me, but was a great illustration of the principle of having to follow where the material takes one. We may try again, perhaps with longer fibers to keep the clay from tearing so easily.

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